We develop software with the goal of  involving
all parties concerned in a co-design process.
This can include the client, the end customer,
as well as planners and designers themselves.

Therefore, smaller teams can handle larger

user generated design for production

The Facademaker is a unique online tool which allows to try out different facade styles for buildings. Users are not limited to a predefined set of facade types, they can create entirely new custom styles. The designs provide real data for production and all of them can be technically realized. The tool merges participatory design, communication, sales and distribution.


Our tools are capable of solving
complex challenges which depend
on countless different factors.
Conventional solutions can’t process
all factors and turn them into a solution.

With our process projects don’t need to be simplified to be solved.

user generated design for planning

With the HAWORTH CoDesigner we create office layouts for 500 or 50,000 sqm. We can process team data from all levels of an enterprise, e.g. via website questionnaires.
The floor plans are imported via DXF, corporate data like desired workplaces can be imported via simple XLS files. After adjusting the controller to get the desired result the plan can be exported as PDF or pCon 3D data.

The production process, as well as
production costs, for different design
and planning scenarios can be calculated
and displayed in real time.
Our tools operate according to initially defined
rules to offer the client consistent 
design solutions for their specific needs.

user generated design for teamplanning
How will the economic development of your company be? How will the situation for the workplaces and distribution of employees in your office building develop over time? With the Kappatool, teams and rooms can be organized and mapped in various scenarios.

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We work for

user generated design for trade fairs

When organising a trade fair, hundreds of exhibition stands have to be organised. Each client has individual wishes with hard and soft factors. Our software brings all trade fair stands and all wishes under one roof.

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This is user generated design
Our team of UX-Experts, interface designers, architects and programmers works application-oriented with scientific methods.

Anette Heidemanns (Managing Director)
Oliver Fritz (Project Organization)
Chris Quantrell (Project Organization)
Markus Braach (Programming)
Henning Schumm (Programming)
Daniel Hipp (Programming)
Padraig Morgan (Programming)
Jo Wickert (Interface Design)
Julian Pelludat (Interface Design)